Are you an adult?
This page tells how to pay for Tora no Maki. If you don't know what a credit card is or are too young to have one, ask your mom or dad or other adult family member to look at this page with you.
I don't want someone to steal your allowance or for you get into trouble. So, don't try to pay by yourself.


Please pay for LEGO Technic Tora no Maki by PayPal.
You can use your credit card for payment with that.
The payment is $10 (no handling fees).

PayPal : $10 (no handling fees)

PayPal membership is not required.
Click on the button below and enter your credit card information on the PayPal page.
When finished, the Review Your Payment window will display. Please click on Age, Sex, Country, and Comments, and tell me about yourself if you have no objections.